Customer Reviews

I can honestly express my sincere opinion in regards Dr. Nasur and his staff regarding their services.

Dr. Nasur's practice is not only professional, but along with his practice he provides compassion, patience and commitment to someone who has one or a vast majority of health issues. His bedside manners are extraordinarily wonderful.

He's staff is an absolute excellence of contributing to a patient's well being due to their attention to details, as calling after hours pending any questions I may have.

My husband, mother, family and friends have become his patients. I wouldn't trust my loved ones to anyone else. It is a true blessing having Dr. Nasur and his staff in our lives.

I understand that sometimes we need to wait longer during office visits, however at the end its well worth it.

Thank Dr. Nasur and wonderful staff for providing a great service for my family, friends and myself. Most important thank you for believing in me.

Irma G.

I love doctor Nasur after being misdiagnosed by Dr. Raja my primary care doctor sent me to Cardiovascular Institute to be seen dr. Raja had placed a loop recorder in my chest to monitor my heart after placing it there he didn't want to see me for another 6 months in the meantime and in between time I was still blacking out and going into the hospital my primary care sent me to text to Texan Cardiovascular Institute where I was told I had A-fib thank you God for dr. Nasur he has been treating me for the past 3 years I would like to say everybody if you feel something is wrong and the doctor you are seeing is not listening to what you have to say or taking you serious enough please go to another doctor because this is your life we're talking about I don't care if your doctor is the top specialist in his field in the city because dr. Raja is just that tops in his field and Cardiology but he didn't listen to what I had to say as a matter of fact he had taken me off of all of my cardiac medication and told me there was nothing wrong with me and that he was tired of being called to come see me in the hospital every time I passed out the office staff at Cardiovascular Institute is on point you can call them and tell them you need a refill on your medication and they handle it right then at that second we stripped it to the pharmacy that you use right then or if you need to leave a message for the doctor or you have any concern they handle it right then so thank you God for the whole group

John R.

The staff is very helpful and exceptionally courteous. The doctor is very kind and amusing he speaks spanish to my mom even though he has difficulty he attempts it, he also has a very good bedside manner. Great office professionals.


Very friendly and professional staff. Very busy office, but since they are very organized I didn't even wait long. Doctor was thorough and good bed side manners. Would recommend this place.

Jorge M.

Patient, Friendly, Willing to help with the rightful amount of respect and necessary time to accomplish the task of good consultation and medication. Strongly recommend this medical institute.

Jenny R.