A Holter monitor is a small recorder that a patient wears for 24 hours to record their heart rhythm (ECG). Normal activities may be carried out while the monitor is worn. This monitor is helpful in detecting abnormal and irregular heart rhythms. You will receive the Holter monitor right here at the Texan Cardiovascular Institute.

The Holter monitor will continuously document and save a record of your heart rhythm (ECG). Any episodes of abnormal or irregular heart rhythms will be documented on the recording. Patients who report symptoms that may be related to abnormal or irregular heart rhythms often do not experience these symptoms during a routine ECG which lasts only about 30 seconds. Holter monitoring, however, enables the physician to view and analyze a significantly longer ECG recording. By examining this recording, the physician will be able to determine if your symptoms and heart activity are related. An important aspect of Holter monitoring is keeping a detailed diary that notes exact symptoms, time of symptoms and what your activity was during the symptoms. If you are set up on a Holter monitor, you will be provided with this diary.